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Welcome to my travel blog! I'll share adventures I've had, some I'd love to have, and some I'm writing about in my first murder mystery, The Body at Battle Mountain. The idea for the book sprang from a trip with my sister, towing her 30-foot travel trailer across several states. Luckily, we didn't find any dead bodies! My most recent adventure was a month-long USA road trip with my husband, so let's start with the joys and frustrations of the road.

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Battle Mountain is a small, unincorporated community in the Nevada high desert.  Beebee and Connie are two days into their cross-country vacation when they stop to attend a local festival and end up tripping over a corpse. When the body disappears and the deputy sheriff acts as though they're hysterical women, the two sisters decide to investigate to discover the truth about THE BODY AT BATTLE MOUNTAIN.

I took this photo from the car as we drove across Nevada on our trip across the country.  This is the kind of place Beebee and Connie find their first body--yes, that's first body.  I have lot of plans for these feisty baby-boomers, as they travel the country uncovering more secrets, rivalries, malcontent and murder than they ever would have believed.

"The Body at Battle Mountain" is my work in progress, or WIP as the writing world calls it. Thankfully, the work is done. Well, at least the work of writing it. Next, I need to figure out how to get it published--agent and publishing house or self publishing. Doing it yourself seems to be the popular route these days. Check into this space once in a while for my progress as I take the leap into the world of publishing. And feel free to chime in with any advice or suggestions you might have!

Update: September 1, 2012. If you looked at this space a few months ago, you saw that I was waiting to hear back from an agent, and also about the Claymore Awards. So far, the news hasn't been good. the agent liked my writing, but my book--not so much. And the Claymore Awards--let's just say I was not in the top 10. Actually, I don't know where I ended up, could have been #11 for all I know. But then, there might have only been 11 entries, too. This writing stuff is tough, and I'm thinking I may not have time for it until I retire. To be honest, I'm struggling with which genre my story fits. I've been pigeon-holing it as a "cozy" mystery, but the agent pointed out that it lacks cozy mystery essentials such as a small town setting and recurring characters that the reader becomes fond of. But my sisters are traveling! Sigh. The struggle continues.

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