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Welcome to my travel blog! I'll share adventures I've had, some I'd love to have, and some I'm writing about in my first murder mystery, The Body at Battle Mountain. The idea for the book sprang from a trip with my sister, towing her 30-foot travel trailer across several states. Luckily, we didn't find any dead bodies! My most recent adventure was a month-long USA road trip with my husband, so let's start with the joys and frustrations of the road.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving babies.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. For me, Thanksgiving is a day for reflection. It seems like we spend so much time trying to get what we don't have, that we forget to appreciate what we DO have. Something I'm thankful for is the younger generation.  I have eight grandchildren, and, after all, they are our future!  One of the young men I work with is expecting to be a daddy for the first time very soon.  We should hear anytime now that little Nozomi has come into the world.  I like to crochet, knit or quilt a baby blanket for newcomers when I have the opportunity.  Here is Nozomi's blanket.

Well, I guess I can't show you Nozomi's blanket. Google says I'm out of space, even though I eliminated some earlier pictures from my Picassa site. I thank Google for the free space and the opportunity to flex my blogging muscles. I could buy more space, but maybe it's time for me to sign off from my travel blog.  At least we made it all the way across the USA. Thanks for joining me. It's been fun!

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